With our own production capabilities, the CREATIVE STUDIO is at the heart of what we do. We develop and prototype content, create programming, and tackle unique assignments. Equipped with our own studio and exceptional talent, we’re hands-on makers practicing high-level craft.








MING’s multipurpose, 5,500 square foot studio is a scalable shooting space for everything from photography shoots to commercial productions. Our studio features:

500 square foot shooting stage 15’ ceilings 11 skylights East, west, and south exposures Full kitchen and bar 15-20 person enclosed conference room On-site edit suite 9’ x 9’ drive-in roll-gates and space to accommodate multiple vehicles Indoor/outdoor patio Two private makeup/wardrobe rooms adjacent to stage Parking adjacent to stage



  • Content production (commercial, original, co-branded, social)

  • Concept production (prototypes, test shoots, proof of concept)

  • Shooting space with cyc & full kitchen

  • Event space (art, media, experiential, workshops)

  • In-house director/editor/graphics team

  • Expansion support for all of the above


  • Creative & strategic resourcing

  • Music resourcing

  • Casting

  • Scripting

  • Storyboarding

  • Set design & build

  • Brand books & guidelines

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